What is Special Effects Make Up?

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Make-up, in this age, has become an essential part of people's lives, especially women's lives. Without any distinction of region or race, it occupies an important place in female circles all over the globe. It is almost impossible today to imagine a woman without make-up.

Make-up veils the unattractive features of a person, and boosts their beauty by bestowing refinement and grace. It gives people more beautiful appearance than they actually have. In this way, it can do marvels for people.

Make-up holds a vital significance in the field of show-biz. The necessity of adapting to their characters in an effective way has made make-up a must for the actors. It makes characters more real, life-like, and easily believable. Make-up can be so effective in the show-biz that even sometimes characters get hit because of their brilliant make-up.

Special effects make-up is one of the tremendous techniques used for characters in movies, dramas, and theatres. It facilitates the actors to convert into an ample range of creatures. It is one of the modern methods which have given characters the relaxation from making efforts of how to make their characters more natural and genuine. Special effects make-up has made marvelous developments in the show-biz. It gives the artists, the margin of crafting any fake notion from a simple mole as a beauty mark on the face to the most dreadful fiend.

Special Effect is an art as well as science. Science in the sense that it engages the absolute perception of how the audio-visual sensory parts of our corpse and mind recognise the world around us; whereas it is art in sense that it entails the tactical utilisation of this information to trick the sensory system.

Special effects make-up has been practiced around the globe for many centuries. Firstly, the lead-based make-up and chalks were used in ancient times. Then pan-cake make-up was introduced. Pan-cake make-up holds an essential importance in special-effects make-up, as it was the first kind of make-up that was introduced in black and white movies. However, in modern times, mostly latex and rubber are used for skin effects.

Great characters from various movies have been given special effects make-up, and this is the basic reason for them being hit. Though specially used for horror and fantasies, special effects make-up can simply be used to give some pleasant or unique appearance to the character.

Fantasies, horror plays/movies, and science fiction make utmost use of special effects make-up. It makes these unreal worlds and characters as they are real, and they exist in the original world. For example, if there is a monster in a play, with over-grown teeth, nails, tilted nose, mottled eye, and blood splattered over the face, the spectators will feel as if it is bona fide, and they will undergo the same feelings of fear and disgust that they would have felt if they had seen it in their actual lives. This is the upshot that special effects make-up executes.

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What is Special Effects Make Up?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30